Policies On Privacy And Security

Because information is an important part of our business, we understand how important it is to you to know what will happen to any credit or other personal information you give us. We hope this statement will answer your questions about our information policies and security precautions.

The Information We Collect

You browse the Fire-Etc web site anonymously. There are two ways that we gather information about you. We do track which pages of our site you visit and note your IP address (as all web sites do automatically). Second, we also gather specific information from you when you provide information on the "Request" page and/or purchase products on the "Products" page and fill out the order information and credit card number. You are advised that the information collected is immediately converted to a E-mail transaction and routed to the appropriate person to handle the information. The information provided IS NOT stored on the file servers for your security.

We Respect Your Personal Privacy

Fire-Etc knows how important it is that sensitive information about you remains confidential. Fire-Etc will not exchange general tracking and IP address information collected by our web site or store any private information on our file servers to provide maximum security of all information submitted. Additional Privacy Information To learn more about privacy, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has created a reference page on Internet privacy.