Phoenix Group

Shipboard Damage Control
Shipboard Damage Control From Fire Etc and Phoenix Group

Portable Damage Control Lockers

• 20’ by 8’ locker
• Meets the NAVSEA Standard Item 009-08/2015 requirement
• Easily moved about the Yard or on the ship
• Custom configurations available

SCBA Unit Lockers

Stowage SCBA units and/or air supply tanks

SCBA Wall Mount Covers

Using SCBA Covers is an excellent way to keep your Self Contained Breathing Apparatus clean and dust free.

Portable Plugging & Patching Kits

Rapid deployment for patching and plugging onboard military and commercial ships.

Training Flag Kits

Excellent for training crew members in damage control.

Damage Control Bags

Stowage container for all tools, equipment and consumables necessary to support damage control repair stations (DCRS).